This is a free to use Drawpile server. To host a session here, select the Remote option in the Host dialog and enter in the text box.

This public server is provided primarily for the benefit of those who are unable to host sessions on their own computers. It has limited capacity, so please be considerate of others and try not to monopolize the available space.

See also the list of published sessions that includes other servers as well.

To report any issues or concerns, please ping tincancrab at Drawpile's Official Discord. Screencaps of the issues in question are incredibly helpful. If you do not use Discord, please send an email to syntheticdreamsdp at gmail dot com (replace the at and dot with their approrpiate punctuation).

Before using this server, please read these terms of use:

  • Do not condone or share illegal acts committed in real life. This includes, but is not limited to: pedophilia, beastiality, doxxing, sexual harassment, and non-consentual sex.
  • Keep sensitive illustrations such as beastiality and non-consentual sex in private, password protected rooms
  • NO SHOTA, LOLI, OR CUB IN SEXUAL POSES OR SITUATIONS. If it appears to be any of the listed, even if it's your style, you will be warned. Subsequent warnings will result in a permanent ban.
  • Do not harass the other users.
    • This includes soliciting others for any personal photos, or information beyond what may be needed for age verification.
  • If your session contains adult content, please use the NSFM tag. Session owners, it is your responsibility to make sure no one under the age of 18 (this age is non-negotiable) are allowed into your session. Failure to excercise this responsibility will result in termination of the room.
    • Minors repeatedly caught entering adult rooms after warning will be banned from until birthdate provided, or if unknown/falsely provided, indefinitely. Any adults interacting with said minors in an illicit manner are also subject to a serverwide ban.
  • Rooms repeatedly caught hosting images of what visually appears to be minors (fictional or otherwise) in sexual situations despite warnings will be shut down.
  • Copyright of each contribution belongs to the artist. Ask for permission before reposting.

Violating these rules may result in a serverwide ban. Rooms reported to violate these rules despite warning will be terminated. Attempts at rehosting the terminated room will result in the host being temporarily banned.

All sessions are subject to all rules above. Users are to also follow any rules provided within the session itself or risk a session ban.

Active Sessions

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